Roadmap -> 3 Focused Approach




The Approach -> 4 Organized Steps

- Spreading Awareness

- Community Socialization

- Providing Assistance

- Individual Goals

Spreading Awareness 

- Reach out to underprivileged communities and provide them with oppurtunities
- Blog posts to raise awareness of issues within our community and educate the public about them, as well as providing STEM knowledge and resources
- Usage of digital media to reach populations everywhere and inform and help them

Community Socialization

- Conducting STEM workshops and classes online and in our communities
- Usage social media
- Reaching local underserved schools through demonstration and driven initiatives

- Creating meaningful connections with the students and children

Providing Assistance

- Easy access to STEM tutors, STEM information and resources, and STEM webinars and class (for no charge!!)
- Group activities to foster a supportive learning community between children in their region or through online groupings

- Working to expand our expertise with guest speakers and notable STEM figures

Individual Goals

- Personalized support and care for any child or student within our program

- Individualized attention from our members, tutors, and guest speakers through various available opportunities (ex. 1-on-1 tutoring, meetings, etc.)

- Our overall goal is to help all our students reach their goals!


Projects Executed 

- Researched directional Wi-Fi Antennas and then built a Wi-Fi antenna and performed rigorous testing.
- Hands-on circuit exploration using breadboard circuitry
- Designed a wooden airplane prototype and rollercoaster model using physics fundamentals
- Conducted workshops and demonstrations for active STEM participation

Projects In Development

- Researching optimal places to install solar panels

- Preparing test kits for students to explore with
- Online Woman in STEM day for students all over the nation
- Research opportunity platform, connecting aspiring young girls to opportunities in their area