Tutor registration and Information

Dipakshi Pal

Dipakshi is a sophomore at Columbia University. Her favorite subjects are calculus and physics! She is qualified to teach any math ranging from elementary arithmetic to multivariable calculus (Calculus 3), as well as any science spanning biology, chemistry, and physics up to their respective AP courses. Dipakshi is super excited to help any student with anything they might need!

Vicky Vu

Vicky is a sophomore at UCLA. Her favorite subjects are astronomy and math. She is looking forward to help Women in STEM and motivate them for taking more active participation. She is qualified to teach AP Physics 1, any math up to AP Calculus BC (College Calculus 1 and 2), and most introductory astronomy courses. She is also willing to help anyone in writing essays and English if they need!

Riya Patel

Riya is an incoming medical student in Florida. She is qualified to teach any biology and chemistry courses up to College Biology and Chemistry! Riya loves science and wants to spread her own love for the subject to younger students! 



Stay tuned for our next seminar! Many plans are currently in the works!